Investing in the Future with Youth Apprenticeships

As an employer you perennially ask the question “How do I find qualified employees for the future”. Each year high school students are asking “What do I want to do with my life”. Thankfully, there is an intersection where you and students can meet to find your answers. It is called Youth Apprenticeship (YA).

Ozaukee Youth Apprenticeship (OYA) is part of a consortia of statewide YA initiatives. Designed for high school students from the 6 area high schools OYA placements provide hands on learning in an occupational area at a worksite. This one or two year elective program combines academic and Career/Technical Education (CTE) at a high school/technical college with mentored on-the-job learning. Students who choose to apply for a youth apprenticeship are intentionally investing in their vocational futures.
Recruiting is a never ending process. To build a successful recruitment pipeline you need access to candidatesConsider Youth Apprentices who are eager to learn and provide a clean slate on which to instill high quality standards and work values. Better yet, each year a new group is available.

Hiring a Youth Apprentice takes no more time and resources than any effective recruiting, interviewing and onboarding process normally used for bringing on new employees. Employers provide a mentor for each apprentice to oversee their training, set expectations that include a set of career area skills and provide ongoing performance feedback. The relationship between the apprentice and mentor is essential to the growth of the student and the increasing value they have to the employer.

A Team Effort

One advantage Youth Apprentices have is the support that surrounds them. CTE teachers, technical college instructors, Youth Apprenticeship/high school guidance staff, and family all support the student’s efforts to be successful. Each is in the loop regarding the student’s progress and invested in their success. This benefits the employer by supporting their investment in the youth apprentice.

If the above areas of concentration do not fit with your company’s requirements, do not hesitate to contact Ozaukee Youth Apprenticeship staff to discuss other possibilities. OYA is all about meeting an employer’s needs and student career aspirations whenever possible

Post Apprenticeship Opportunities

"Bridged" Youth Apprenticeship programs position YA graduates towards a tangible milestone in a related Registered Apprenticeship (RA). Examples could include testing out of the first year of RA instruction, receiving credit for hours worked, or receiving higher placement on a waiting list. Several programs in Youth Apprenticeship can serve as introductions to existing Registered Apprenticeship programs. When possible, the Department of Workforce Development (DWD) has created crosswalks between the two programs to help employers understand the similarities and differences. Crosswalks created by DWD are reviewed and approved by relevant Apprenticeship State Trade Committees, which also may make recommendations for credit awarded. Youth Apprentices completing their program may then have part or all of their work hours applied towards the requirements of the Registered Apprenticeship program.

Invest in Two Futures

Recruiting never stops and is an integral part of your company’s future success. The time you spend recruiting is an investment in your company’s future. If you are struggling to find candidates to fill openings, Youth Apprenticeships are an additional resource that can be added to your candidate pipeline. A large percentage of the students who finish a Youth Apprenticeship continue with the YA employer full time or part-time as they attend college or technical school. By participating in Youth Apprenticeships you can invest in two futures with an apprentice candidate who meets your company’s needs.

If you are interested in getting involved in Youth Apprenticeships, please contact the Youth Apprenticeship Consortium Co-Coordinators.